The 2016 TT Interior Is So Good It’s Kind of Freaking Us Out Right Now

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You know, there are a lot of great Audis right now. Heck, they’re all good (what else are we going to say?). But take a moment and just feast on the interior of the new TT. Seriously, just take it in.

There’s a lot of Audi news we could be writing about right now, but this image is more compelling than anything else we read about this morning. It’s a pure experience between car and driver, a demonstration that Audi is approaching zen levels of interior design mastery.

We’re not quite at the transparent glass simplicity of the prologue concept yet, but that’s a concept. It’s supposed to be out of reach. The 2016 TT on the other hand is an actual production model. It’s finalized, done, and probably nearing assembly.

There’s no center screen, no glitzy flatboard touchscreen taking up space in the middle a la Tesla’s vertical tablet in the Model S. There are no physical dials on the instrument panel either: it’s an all-digital virtual cockpit that embraces the era of apps.

Beyond that, you have climate vents, shifter, start button, and the rotary controller/touchpad if you want it, but with the virtual cockpit in front of you and Audi’s excellent steering wheel controls, you’ll have to hunt for scenarios to take your hands off the wheel.

All the stuff that takes up most center consoles—radio, CD player, climate buttons, driving modes—is consolidated into a max of seven buttons beneath the vents. Pictured we see only five buttons in use with two left blank for options. Everything else can be digitally displayed on the virtual cockpit.

The 2016 TT is a sports car, and this is basically how the inside of a sports car should feel. No fluff, no chintz, just purity. We can’t wait to drive it.

The 2016 TT Interior Is So Good It’s Kind of Freaking Us Out Right Now was last modified: January 2nd, 2015 by Audi Cary

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