Audi Announces Q8 SUV For Premium SUV Slot Above Q7

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The 2016 Audi Q7 will now be second from the top

Utilizing the obscure “Americanize It” clause in their corporate manifesto, Audi has announced plans to build a new SUV above the full-size Q7.

The Q8 will be produced before the end of the decade, according to Audi. It will be larger than the Q7, though possibly with a more coupe-like design. Because Audi has been trending toward smaller vehicle types in recent years (A3 sedan, Q3 SUV, Q1 SUV forthcoming), the creation of a larger SUV than has ever been made by the company is a bold departure.

The trend toward extra-large luxury SUVs is not just limited to Audi. High-end automakers such as Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini and possibly Rolls-Royce either have premium SUVs in development or are heavily exploring the possibility.

Because the Q8 will emphasize luxury, it’s possible that the more inventive features of the recent prologue concept shown in Los Angeles last fall will be used. This could mean integrated OLED touchscreens not just in the instrument panel, but replacing large sections of the dashboard.

This futuristic interior would replace physical inputs with natural integrations of touchscreen displays. It’s far too expensive a technology to implement for mainstream vehicles at this point, but for the range-topping Q8, we could envision it happening.

We would also expect to see some sort of plug-in hybrid technology for the engine and drivetrain such as the PHEV diesel at work in the new Q7. Battery strength is growing, and a 2020 deadline could see huge advances in electric vehicle stamina. For a large and heavy SUV like this, the instantaneous torque of electric power would be an asset.

The Q8’s development also signals growth in the premium automotive segment. The A8 flagship is currently being reimagined, so we imagine that it will be a fair indicator of what we can expect in the Q8.

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