Audi Q1: The Future of SUVs Is Confirmed

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The year of 2016 will have tremendous consequences for the market of Sport Utility Vehicles, as well as on Audi’s range of models. As part of the effort to reach its goal of sixty (60) models, the German automaker plans to introduce its Q1 compact crossover in a mere two years.

Recently, Audi released an initial sketch of what the model may look like. Though it appears to have tires that rival monster truck icons like Big Foot or Grave Digger, the only thing Audi is certain the Q1 will crush is the competition.

Do not, however, mistake its smaller stature for some perceived weakness. This crossover will be loaded with the same power and luxury Audi buyers expect from their favorite manufacturer.

The 2016 Q1 will be produced from innovative “MQB” designs that will maximize space, gas usage, safety, and sustainability. This modular traverse engine (acronym: MQB) is already installed in many Audi vehicles. An additional benefit of this forward-thinking engineering is that various sized diesel and gasoline motors will be available for each model.

The Audi line already produces a successful range of SUVs and crossovers, but the Q1 will be the first to directly compete with other companies’ compact crossovers. This is vital since a large percentage of Audi sales come from Sport Utility Vehicles.

The 2016 Audi Q1 will be competitively priced in the range of $25,000-$30,000.

So why is there a sudden meteoric rise of crossover vehicles?

Many consumers like the safety and aesthetics of SUVs; however, they are averse to purchasing them due to difficult handling and a lack of fuel efficiency. The sheer size of this style of vehicle can be intimidating, so alternatives were much needed on the market. What better way to accommodate these consumers than to offer the looks and limited ability of an SUV while maintaining the reassuring size of a sedan.

A crossover vehicle is just that: give a little taste of the SUV but provide the easier handling, performance, and fuel efficiency of a car.

With the larger Q-models already available at Audi dealerships, you may call us or come on down to Audi Cary and speak with one of the knowledgeable members of our staff.

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