The Audi Q5 Instills Security and Confidence

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 In the Raleigh area, we experienced what some characterized as the fiercest winter storm in recent memory. Congestion throughout downtown and immense traffic jams on the periphery of the city essentially paralyzed the metro area. If you were fortunate enough to avoid the mass exodus headed for home, your commute may still have been arduous and disconcerting. Some folks, like Ms. Debra Newman, were fortunate enough to own a superior Audi SUV; in her case, she drove the Audi Q5 through Snow-pocalypse II.

Ms. Newman expressed that she was “confident” in her vehicle, as well as found that driving her Q5 in such conditions had been “enjoyable.”

While the 2014 Audi A5 2.0T Quattro Premium Plus crossover might not be Ms. Newman’s version of Q5, we find it prudent to write about this quality machine – her commendation and the weather itself inspired us to take action. Why? We want you to feel the same security and confidence in such inclement conditions.


Power is one of the most important factors one should consider when facing snowfall, especially accumulation that is complicated by sleet and ice. Without ample power, tire tread and driving skill are rendered impotent. It is unsuitable to characterize any Audi model as “mid,” but this mid-trim 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine cranks out 220 horsepower and 258 lbs-ft of torque. Keep in mind this beauty is a quattro, so its powertrain’s lineage stems from a long line of performance vehicles. Marry the capabilities of this car to a set of premium tires – that you can replace at Audi Cary’s tire center – and you are set to govern the road regardless of the conditions.

Five-link front suspension and trapezoidal-link rear suspension coupled with electromechanical power steering create a comfortable driving experience with such tremendous ease of handling. Driving the Q5 provides the power and performance needed to any adventurous trek. There is absolute truth in this engineering.

A drive is not solely based upon the powertrain. The interior is paramount for a comfortable drive, and Audi did not skimp on the details:

  • Audi Advanced Key – so you can lock, unlock, and start your Q5 without reaching for the starter
  • Lighting Package – for gorgeous interior ambiance throughout the front of the cabin
  • Outside mirrors that dim and fold automatically
  • Interior mirror with digital compass that dims automatically
  • Front seats with 3-step heating and 2-position memory (driver’s side)
  • Deep tinted panorama sunroof
  • Power open/close tailgate
  • Aluminum trim

Audi Q5 Interior

 When driving, you can enjoy the perks of Xenon Plus headlamps that illuminate your path while not compromising the vision of oncoming drivers. This way, both you and others on the road benefit from the innovations of Audi.

We encourage you to visit Audi Cary to speak with the great brand ambassadors about the Q5, or any quality model. If you have any questions or comments, you may also reach us at

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