The Audi quattro Proves That Four Is Better than Two

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Most consumers have the misconception that “all-wheel drive” precludes all luxury brands. The engineers at Audi maintain an absolute commitment to safety, which engendered the quattro. For over thirty years, this all-wheel drive system has been a vital component to the Audi experience; it can also boast being the first all-wheel drive system to come standard in all of a brand’s passenger vehicles. Yes, the Audi quattro is a legend.

Four is superior to two.

That is the basic premise behind the marketing plan for Audi. No matter the conditions on the road, you can feel completely secure while driving any model bearing the quattro branding. Three decades of engineering give Audi a distinct advantage over any competitor that lays claim to an all-wheel drive system.

The Audi quattro is an all-wheel drive system doles out power to where it is most needed. This yields greater control and performance in all driving situations, allowing the German automaker to accurately claim that it is truly an intelligent drive.

You can find more information about the quattro here.

Since it is Friday, you can also enjoy this adventurous Audi commercial.

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