Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit Is Wicked Awesome

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The automotive world will soon fall victim to envy thanks to the upcoming third-generation Audi TT. Not only will it boast the same flared wheel-arches, intimidating grille, and athletic beltline seen on the second iteration, it also now houses a virtual cockpit. This single display establishes the same sporty aesthetic on the interior that we’ve already enjoyed on the exterior.

Before we continue, our team would be terribly remiss if we didn’t credit Walter de Silva, Audi’s design chief, for creating such gorgeous vehicles.


The Virtual Cockpit

Audi presented what it called the “virtual cockpit,” a 12.3-inch high-definition LCD, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted in Las Vegas. The German automaker replaced the various clusters, gauges, and screens with a single unit that integrates driving telemetry data and the infotainment system. This virtual cockpit, which is fully customizable, functions in three modes: a Driving Mode, a Navigation Mode, and a Media Mode.

Audi TT VC 3

Photo: Business Insider


Driving Mode

If you are more of a traditionalist, the Driving Mode may best fit your style. The LCD displays a traditional – though athletic looking – instrument cluster consisting of all the information to which we are accustomed, including the speedometer and tachometer. These are, of course, all digital and immediately reacts to control changes through its intuitive interface.


Navigation Mode

When you switch to this mode, the gauges move to the corners of the screen. A navigation map takes the place of where the cluster was once prominently displayed. This affords the driver greater awareness of the road while also being cognizant of navigation because he or she will no longer have to look toward a separate unit.

Audi TT VC 1

Photo: Business Insider


Media Mode

While set in this mode, the gauges are relocated to the periphery of the screen. This time the TT’s multimedia options dominate the screen. From music to phone directories and more, drivers have the full range of selections offered in traditional cockpits.

Regardless of the mode, Audi incorporates a new script pad located on top of the scroll knob for easier access to all of the car’s infotainment capabilities.

Audi TT VC 2

Photo: Business Insider


Audi Smart Display

Throughout the pictures we placed through this blog, you may have noticed the absence of a center console. If the production model mirrors the current concept design, passengers will have no control of all options within the cabin. This would be problematic for sales as people might be dissuaded by this lack of access; however, most industry experts believe that Audi has planned a surprise – one that was also already seen at CES.

Audi TT VC 4

Photo: Business Insider

The Audi Smart Display is a 10.2-inch tablet that demonstrated its capability to connect to WiFi for controlling multimedia, navigation, and climate control. This may very well be the replacement for a center console, and what a beautiful replacement it is: a brushed aluminum-wrapped tablet powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset that is run through Google’s Android operating system.


There are many exciting developments with the Audi brand. From the all-new Audi A3 to the TT’s virtual cockpit, there’s no better time to join our family! That’s why we encourage you to stop down at Audi Cary and speak with one of the great brand ambassadors on staff.

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