Anything But Normal

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Our staff at Audi Cary always remains cognizant of their actions – and how they influence the reputation we have. This is why management seeks only the most qualified and committed candidates to be the faces of our dealership. The standards to which we adhere, thus, form the foundation for effectively creating a satisfying experience for consumers; the approach our staff takes are the bricks and mortar that solidify the reputation of Audi Cary. We have ingrained a sense of excellence within each employee.

We want to be anything but normal.

Just a few days ago, we had the pleasure to help a young woman named Valerie. She had a few positive reviews for us that she placed on, and it can be found here in full.

“I don’t normally take the time to post a customer review, but my experience with Clifford [Ed] Creed at Audi Cary was so positive that I thought I’d take a minute to share.”

What can we say? There is no greater compliment than a customer who feels compelled to share his or her experience with others. And Ed Creed: we couldn’t feel more gratified by your efforts. More than anything, this testimonial speaks volumes of your character and commitment to your customers.

She goes on to applaud Clifford for not wasting her time “with tactics that you typically encounter when searching for or buying a car.”

We have heard the horror stories. We know what lurks in the dark corners of some dealerships. At Audi Cary, our team has no golems. Our staff knows how stressful the car buying experience can be, so a concerted effort is made to ensure that you drive away with savings, a satisfying purchase, and a favorable opinion of us. What’s that you say, Valerie?

“…and the rest of the staff that we interacted with were also extremely courteous and respectful. I can’t recommend Audi Cary… highly enough.”


You are encouraged to come by Audi Cary. The only thing you’ll love more than our staff is your new car.

As always, the family at Leith Cars encourages you to…

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