Exclusive: Audi S3 Pricing “Leaked” to the Public

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In a “leak” reminiscent of the masterful tactician Francis Underwood (House of Cards), documentation from Audi of America turned up for public consumption as the result of an alleged accidental divulgence. The highly-competitive automobile industry requires sound strategies that generate enthusiasm for the brand and, hopefully, detract from the competition’s appeal. For Audi of America, the information provided should pique the interest of potential buyers in the Audi S3. This release marks the first time an S3 sedan will see an American showroom.

Photo: Motor Trend

Photo: Motor Trend

What was in the leak, you ask?

The 2015 Audi S3 will enter the American market at only $41,000. Though Audi has not officially confirmed the pricing, the consensus among industry professionals is that it falls in line with most price tags on Audi models.

On the outside, this new model features a short rear end that smoothly integrates a spoiler, a tight body accentuated by precise character lines, and modern Audi angular lights. In all, this car sports an aggressive look without losing its sleek body for broad appeal.

Photo: Automobile Mag

Photo: Automobile Mag

The interior boasts a flat-bottomed wheel, a seven inch pop-up LCD screen, prominent air vents, driver-friendly gauges, and lavish seating. Its cockpit flawlessly melds tech-savvy with suave design. This is the type of car that renders sleep into merely time wasted.

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