Hand Putting Deposit Into Piggy Bank

GasBuddy: How Much Can This App Save You in a Year?

By now, pretty much everyone knows about GasBuddy. If you don’t, GasBuddy is an app that aggregates the prices of different gas stations in your area, so you can find the cheapest fuel. It also gives you the location, tells you what kind of services the station offers, and lets you report the gas prices […]


Here’s Why Road Rage Is Completely Illogical

Are you still fuming about the Carolina Panthers loss in Super Bowl 50? If so, getting behind the wheel and enduring Raleigh traffic probably isn’t helping. Don’t stress, though – we’re here to help you relax behind the wheel. What is road rage? If you’re a human with a driver’s license, you already know. For […]

america's fastest road

America’s Fastest Road Can be Found in the Heart of Texas

What if we told you that there’s a road in America where you can satiate your need to accelerate? Would you drive all the way out to Texas to visit it? Because that’s what you’d have to do. The American autobahn Just about 15 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas, lies State Highway 130. Highway […]


Hit and Run: What to Do If It Happens to You

Imagine you’re walking up to your parked car after a long day at work. You approach your driver’s side like you always do, but something’s not right. It takes a moment to register, but once it does, reality hits. Somebody ran into your car. You search for a note to no avail, and then find […]

Cracks in Your Windshield

Why Cracks in Your Windshield Happen

Your windshield is a delicate combination of sand, sodium carbonate (soda ash), and calcium carbonate (limestone). It’s beautiful, but also incredibly fragile – especially in the winter. Here’s why some windshields crack during the cold weather, and how important it is to have those cracks fixed. Cold weather and glass The cold is hard on […]