How Does Santa’s Sleigh Compare With Audi’s Q5 SUV?

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If you think about it, Santa should be given more credit. He threads chimneys, braves storms, finds remote houses, logs a million flier miles, and delivers more joy in less time than anyone has ever found a way of topping. And all with a significant number of people claiming he doesn’t exist! Incredible.

You’d need to have an enormous amount of positive thinking to do what he does, and we’re guessing that the appreciation of millions of kids goes a long way toward keeping the jolly old elf in good spirits. Another thing you would need is a first-class cargo hauler, and in that sense, no one has St. Nick beat.

Just for fun, we thought that we would examine how thoroughly superior Santa’s sleigh is to the Audi Q5, worthy challenger though it tries to be. For ferrying a family around Cary and North Carolina, it’s hard to do better than the Q5. Handing out presents to the entire globe in one night? We have to give it to Santa.

In any case, for your enjoyment we present the official Sleigh-Q5 comparison. Best of luck with your holiday shopping!

 2015 Santa’s Sleigh  2015 Audi Q5
quattro 4 dr 2.0 TFSI®
Base MSRP 5 Golden Icicles $37,300
Vehicle Type All the joy and happiness in the world delivery vehicle Sport Utility Vehicle
Induction/Fuel Injection Christmas cheer, belief, and/or good will Turbocharged
Horsepower Eight reindeer, nine if you count Rudolph 220 @ 4450 RPM
Torque (lb-ft) Santa eats borscht, not torque. A lot of it. 258 @ 1500 RPM
Displacement Presents for the entire world in a single bag? That’s real displacement 2.0L
Engine Type Flying reindeer are basically magic Four-cylinder
Fuel Type Lichens, moss, birch leaves, sedges, grass Flexible Fuel Capability
Fuel Tank Capacity
Approx (gal)
Each reindeer has four stomachs so quite a bit 19.8
EPA Automatic City The EPA hasn’t been allowed in the workshop since Watergate 20 MPG
EPA Automatic Highway Just tell them it’s carbon neutral; sometimes the reindeer sneeze but that’s about it 28 MPG
Transmission Santa has a new set of leather reins this year; they’re pretty cool Eight-speed Tiptronic® transmission
Drive Wheels Two adamantium rails, but only for emergency use AWD
Leather Trim Elven-stiched, cross-Polar MIRACLEhide® Standard
Rear Air Conditioning Well it’s an open-top design during the winter, so… Standard
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