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Audi Chairless Chair Roboticizing Workforce

Audi has made a chairless chair for its workers. It’s a sort of exoskeleton/outer-body shell that isn’t quite a suit that Tony Stark would don. Instead, it’s more of a balancing aid, a way to alleviate force exerted on the back, knees and ankles while workers assemble the next generation of Audi vehicles. The “chair” […]

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Audi Goes Electric for e-quattro, New All-Wheel Drive System

One of the jewels in Audi’s cap is quattro. As the history behind the system describes, it’s the all-wheel drive system to end all all-wheel drive systems. Developed in the context of German army snow crawlers, few competitors have come close to replicating its gift for maintaining grip. All that will shift soon with the […]

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USA Today Praises Audi A7’s Aesthetics

A few weeks ago, we brimmed with exuberance at the chance to drive an Audi A7. Our team described it as an “aesthetic endeavor” that more than delivered on its reputation. We were only disappointed by leaving the A7 behind – think of those classic coming-of-age movie scenes where the kids are gathered at the […]

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