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Break Out the Neon Body Suit – Here’s the Audi A8 e-tron

Audi previously confirmed the electric versions of the A3 and R8. These plug-in hybrids, with the “e-tron” designation, will soon add another sibling to the mix: the company’s flagship sedan, the A8. As far as we’re concerned, all Audi needs now is Jeff Bridges adorned in a neon-lit body suit for the imminent deluge of […]

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Audi Has quattro. Try a Turbocharger?

Though not all consumers want greater power under the hood, gearheads exist for every brand. Their appetite for an extra boost compel automakers to offer turbochargers and other features that crank up the horsepower or torque. After-market companies also manufacture parts and accessories to supplement stock power and acceleration. One of the most popular methods […]

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Audi Tests Traffic Jam Pilot in Florida

When one thinks of America’s hotbed of technology, Silicon Valley in California is the obvious choice. Companies have, for years, developed and refined various systems and components in this little corner of the world. Google even began testing automated vehicles along its roads and highways, but it’s not the only spot in the American landscape […]

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