Audi Previews the “Doberhuahua” for the Super Bowl

For the past six years, Venables Bell & Partners has worked with Audi to produce some of the most lauded and memorable Super Bowl commercials. These advertisements coupled with fresh designs and added features have successfully rebranded the German automaker. Its efforts have yielded droves of young adults looking to purchase their first luxury car. Super Bowl XLVIII marks the seventh consecutive year these two companies will collaborate to create buzz for the brand.

The advertisements this year aim to emphasize the release of the new entry-level sedan, the Audi A3. Audi’s release of two teaser commercials previews the coming of the “Doberhuahua” hybrid dog. It seems to be quite a divergence from last year’s story of a shy kid stealing a kiss form the Prom King’s date, but merely rehashing last year’s ideas wouldn’t live up to the high standard set by Audi.

In the latest of the two teasers, Sara McLachlan implores audiences to “respect” the “Doberhuahua” while scenes of the dog show it in various situations and environments – sometimes destructive, sometimes serene. If nothing else, the commercial makes viewers wonder what Audi has in store on February 2nd.

Don’t miss the “Doberhuahua” and the introduction of the A3 when the commercial airs during the first commercial break of the third quarter. And be sure to check in with us on our Facebook page to tell us what you thought.

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