Audi Goes to Downtown Cary for Some Lazy Daze

North Carolina has a rich history – at times for better; others for worse – in the American landscape. Across the state you’ll find many historic districts that preserve the quality and character of houses and neighborhoods established many generations in the past. Charlotte once had a rightful claim as the professional wrestling capital of the world; Raleigh now boasts about its consistent yearly ranking as a “best” place to live and work for young professionals. From yester-year to tomorrow, the Tar Heel state has much to celebrate.

Cary, one booming North Carolina town, exemplifies the dichotomy of preserving old while encouraging new. The weekend before last, Cary hosted the annual Lazy Daze event that began in 1977. The inaugural event invited residents and tourists to explore an iconic southern downtown, welcoming approximately 50,000 people to enjoy a myriad of arts and crafts.

Cary Lazy Daze

Thirty-seven years later the town of Cary continues its tradition of showcasing quality art, delicious concessions, and premium entertainment. All Lazy Daze proceeds benefit arts activities, downtown development, and other Town of Cary initiatives. If you missed out this year – or you happen to move to Cary next year – we encourage you to attend this big-time festival that, somehow, maintains a small-town feel.

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Audi Cary was on-hand at the German-themed Beer & Wine Garden. The Little German Band performed alongside some Bavarian beauties bursting with quattro. In addition to the sights and sounds, attendees had the privilege to savor delicious food paired with the perfect beverage. Audi also offered sign-up forms for a raffle that awarded a GoPro, which the winner will soon be determined.

In all, it was a successful day for residents. It was a beautiful day that offered plenty of activities to enthrall visitors, encouraging people to return and discover more of downtown Cary. All of us at Audi Cary are grateful to have been a part of it, and we certainly look forward to any future opportunities.

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