Audi Joins the Autonomous Ranks

Audi has finally joined the ranks among the luxury vehicles that offer greater autonomous driving features. While driving purists may find it offensive to detach oneself from the legendary quattro, the push for greater safety measures does appeal to many consumers – and Audi, the second largest luxury automaker, does not want to neglect this segment. Company executives decided the time had come to task engineers with drafting complex driving assist mechanisms.

Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and Inifiti already offer models that feature autonomous driving even at freeway speeds. Other stop-and-go autonomous driving options have speed caps, which then require drivers to take control.

Audi has yet to give specifics with regards to anticipated release dates, but it has gone on record as stating that the upgrades will come “very soon.” The system to which it refers will react autonomously in stop-and-go traffic at speeds up to 37 mph: steering, braking, and acceleration can all be controlled by the vehicle. Axel Strotbek, Chief Financial Officer for Audi, confirmed this information with Bloomberg News.

Though the German automaker has not, as of yet, released a production vehicle with complex autonomous features, the company is not unfamiliar with driverless technology. In 2010, Audi set a course up Pikes Peak for a driverless TTS in order to demonstrate the company’s prowess with this technology. To Audi engineers, this is just another competition in which they can dominate – remember, Audi did introduce the world to quattro, after all.

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