Audi R10 Hypercar in Production?

It is quite likely that you’ve heard of the Audi hypercar project. Unfortunately for all of us, that project was cancelled earlier this year – or so we were led to believe. As it turns out, there might be hope for gearheads as new rumors have merged that indicate our favorite German automaker has placed the hypercar on the fast-track to production. The hyper car has been allegedly given the green light; yes, approved to hit the manufacturing plants to get it into showroom floors.


The vehicle will reportedly be named the Audi R10. It will boast a strong carbon fiber monocoque, as well as mirror much of the architecture found in the current Audi R18 e-tron endurance race car. If that is the case, then we anticipate the car will have a greater footprint than the lineup’s current apex predator, the R8.

As previously reported, most industry insiders anticipate that Audi will adopt a powerful diesel engine for this hypercar; however, other articles claim that a standard gas 6.0-liter V10 has topped the company’s list for powertrains. If the latter is true, then the engine will be capable of delivering 850 horsepower. Yes, 850 … eight hundred and fifty … Horsepower.

A hybrid variant is, allegedly, on the table. This version will crank out more than 1000 horsepower, and it comes standard with a cylinder deactivation to allow it to run on six cylinders only when necessary.

These are exciting times, especially around major international motor shows – and in particular for amazing automakers like Audi. In the coming weeks, we will be certain to keep you posted about all information to come out of the Paris Auto Show.

Keep in mind any and all information about the Audi R10 hypercar is purely speculative, fueled by rumors. We just couldn’t help ourselves but hope and have you join the anticipation.

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