The Audi Smart City Traffic Light Assistance System Is Awesome

It seems that many of us will soon thank German engineering for assisting us in avoiding the plague of driving: the red light. Yes, that crimson fiend who denies us those precious seconds while running late to work, or who denies us the crisp, fresh wind whipping through our air on the commute home. Still, its most dastardly scheme manifests when, just as we approach the light, it changes to amber, then red – and we react by nearly putting our foot through the floor with the brake.

The heroic people at Audi now have a production-ready version of the Smart City Traffic Light Assistance system it demonstrated at this past year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Integrated into Audi Connect and MMI, this system has the capability to be a part of every Audi model. With tests occurring in the United States, Italy, and elsewhere, the German automaker expects that it will soon make this assistance program a standard feature.

Audi’s Smart City Traffic Light Assistance system mines local data through WiFi access about patterns and timing of traffic light intersections. It then suggests a speed for the driver so that he or she can pass through during the green phase of the light. Using red, amber, and green icons, this advanced program is set to forever change the market for luxury vehicles.


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If you happen to miss the green light, the Smart City Traffic Light Assistance will calculate the amount of time remaining until it changes again to green. This works synergistically with the Start-Stop function, so the engine shuts off while you’re idling at a light – and it restarts the engine five seconds before the light returns to green. Audi claims that this feature can cut emissions by 15% and save 900 million liters of fuel annually.

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