Unveiling of Audi Sport Quattro Concept with Laser Beam Headlamps

In his quest to take over the world, Dr. Evil once lamented that all he wanted were sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. While Audi isn’t in the business of helping diabolical masterminds, it has developed amazing laser technology for its cars. At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the German automaker debuted its Audi Sport Quattro Laser Light concept car.

Audi Sport quattro Concept Car

Photo: Motor Authority

The development of laser light technology was initiated by the desire for brighter and more aerodynamic appearing headlamps. Audi’s Sport Quattro’s design is a combination of laser high beams surrounded by a grid of LED low beams in trapezoidal formation. Boasting 1,640 feet (1/3 of a mile) of illumination, the laser beam diodes reach twice the range and three times the luminosity of LED headlamps.

Audi states the laser lights are “safer, sharper and more efficient” in comparison to current technologies. The “safer” claim refers to the beams’ better visibility, as well as its ability to not blind oncoming drivers like traditional high beams. This provides drivers the opportunity to drive with constant maximum illumination.

Autoblog has a brief article and Audi’s original press release, which can be found here: CES 2014.

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