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Dashcams Show Distracted Teens Moments Before Impact

It’s heartbreaking. You can see the other car coming before the teenager can. You can’t warn them. You can’t save them. And neither could the researchers who had to watch these troublesome last seconds before impact. Watch this video. Share it with your kids. And your friends. Don’t forget to tell yourself that you need […]

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Audi Imagines Car-Width OLED Display Replacing Tail Lights

Well, this is just plain cool. You know how during the summer blockbuster movies, automakers will create a futuristic-looking vehicle for the hero to drive? You can practically hear them willing their brand into the teenagers’ oh-so-impressionable retinas. “You see this car, teenager? Remember it, teenager. Tweet about it, teenager. And one day, when you’re […]

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Doesn’t Every Gorgeous Audi Deserve a Dramatic Entrance?

It seems Audi’s newest marketing strategy leading up to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show borrows effective tactics from the genre of suspense films. Just as Spielberg hinted at and gave us fleeting glimpses of the Great White beast, Audi released its second video in a series that teases the debut of its newest model. Brief, […]

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Audi Previews the “Doberhuahua” for the Super Bowl

For the past six years, Venables Bell & Partners has worked with Audi to produce some of the most lauded and memorable Super Bowl commercials. These advertisements coupled with fresh designs and added features have successfully rebranded the German automaker. Its efforts have yielded droves of young adults looking to purchase their first luxury car. […]

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