The Gorgeous Audi R8 Notes Make Balotelli Sing

The 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament concluded yesterday with an intense 1-0 victory as Germany won its fourth soccer championship. This 2014 win, however, was the first for a reunified German team; victories of years past are technically attributed to West Germany. Its previous World Cup Trophy wins include the following years:

  • 1954 – defeated Hungary 3-2
  • 1974 – defeated the Netherlands 2-1
  • 1990 – defeated Argentina 1-0

This rivalry between Germany and Argentina has become an interesting note of FIFA history. Though the German nation now boasts two victories (1990, 2014), Argentina defeated Germany in 1986 by a score of 3-2. Now we wait until 2018 to see if Argentina gets a chance at redemption. FIFA’s 2014 World Cup may have concluded, but its effects will last quite a while. Tim Howard’s performance has energized an American fan base, Germany now has four championships, and Twitter nearly exploded with 618,725 tweets per minute during one point of the final round matchup.

Since you’re a person of great taste – hence, being an Audi enthusiast – it should come as no surprise that the FIFA World Cup and Audi have a few things in common. They both celebrate German greatness; champion speed, agility, and power; and only put forth the absolute best in their industries.

Photo: Yahoo! Autos

Photo: Yahoo! Autos

Even the Italians cannot deny a love for German automotive genius. Mario Balotelli, though not the most loved soccer player, has a knack for selecting premium vehicles. He drives an all-black Audi R8, a beautiful machine that gets everything right from design to platform. After all, it makes sense that an agile player who can cut sharp corners and grip the field so well should enjoy the benefits of the quattro.

If you missed Audi Cary’s A3 launch event just a few months ago, then you also missed an opportunity to hear an Audi R8 fire up – engines revving. It’s enough to make anyone, even Balotelli, belt out some “O Sole Mio.”

Audi R8

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