October 2014 Update on Breast Cancer Fundraising


We never thought we’d say this, but pink doesn’t look too bad. No matter where you look these days, pink is everywhere. That’s because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Grocery bags, football jerseys, pencils, smartphone cases—people are going pink to show their solidarity against this medical condition.

We at Audi Cary have easy ways for you to raise money for this cause. Because we’re awesome we’ve made this a lot more exciting than writing a check. Consider these fun levels:

  • Writing a check = 0.6 fun
  • Donating via app = 2.3 fun
  • Making it rain with dollar bills = 5.1 fun
  • Money parade with floats= 9.9 fun
  • Giant check presentation = -1.6 fun

Pretty good, right? We have something better. What if you could make a donation by driving a brand new S4? At Audi Cary that’s what we think makes the most sense, so while you’re out having fun getting to know a new A7, we’ll handle the boring part. Test drive a new Audi and we’ll donate $25. That’s it! How’s that for easy?

If your car needs a service visit, we’ll donate for that, too. Lots of people need to get their state inspection around this time of year, or pump up their tires, or even just take care of that check engine light that’s been on for a while. For every service visit, we’ll donate $10. Sure, it might not be as fun as driving the new Q3, but this way you can both take care of your car and make a difference.

What’s our goal and where exactly are funds going? Audi Cary is partnering with Susan G. Komen, just like last year, to fight breast cancer. Your donations totaled about $18,000 in 2013 so our goal this time around is an even $20,000. For high-performance cars, we think that’s a pretty good way to start.

So stop by Audi Cary before the month is out to get your test drive or service visit in. Thank you for your support!

October 2014 Update on Breast Cancer Fundraising was last modified: January 13th, 2015 by Audi Cary