Stay Updated with Audi’s Releases at the Detroit Auto Show

Today marks the start of the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Between now and January 17th, the most prominent automakers will introduce their newest models in an effort to acquire greater interest from the public. Keynote speeches and glamorous unveilings are the event’s primary strategies that vie for the admiration of […]

Audi Set to Advertise Its A3 During Super Bowl XLVIII

Each February, millions of football fans gather around the television set to witness the largest spectacle in American sports: the Super Bowl. There exists no better platform upon which to emphasize the most important debut for Audi in recent years. It is the compact luxury sedan that marries opulent design, superior performance, and innovative technologies. […]

Audi Introduces the Mobile Audi Smart Display

If you’re not an avid “techie” or video game enthusiast, you might ask why the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is relevant to your life. Well, Audi unveiled the Mobile Audi Smart Display, a 10.2-inch Android tablet that is specifically designed for in-car use. The Mobile Audi Smart Display connects to a WiFi interface, allowing all […]

Audi Presents: “Luxury Car Abstinence”

There are many firsts in life that we patiently wait for and celebrate: a first kiss, a first love, a first car – to name just a few. Throughout the years, some memories fade into the ether of our subconscious, but these firsts remain as vivid as the moment they happened. It would be an […]

New Year’s Eve: Onward to New Beginnings!

As 2013 reaches its finality, it is a common practice to reflect on the year’s events: the heartbreaks, the challenges, and  the triumphs. We have changed with the seasons, learning a great deal more about ourselves. Our decisions, and their consequences, have led to this moment – while we write this blog and while you […]